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Bicycling Home, My Journey to Find God

Bicycling Home, My Journey to Find God

By Virginia Mudd

This is a book about my spiritual journey, a story of mystery, adventure and love. My journey Home began when I was grappling with a food addiction. In my struggle I started to confront hard questions like, what makes me tick (and eat compulsively)? Who am I? What is the purpose of my being here on earth? Will I ever stop feeling that there is something missing in my life? My search to find answers also led to an agonizing longing for what I called God, even though I had no idea what or who I was looking for. In my search I traveled over 10,000 miles on my bike and countless inner miles of discovery and transformation till at last, after ten years, I found my heart's desire.

I hope wherever you are on your path that this story will be inspiring, informative, and enjoyable. I invite you to visit my website where you can read the first chapter, and where I share my continued journey with resources, reflections, wisdom sayings, photographs, and more.

Signed copy
242 pages, 30 photographs
Read Chapter 1 on my website